CNBC is Going Broke

by Karl Denninger

Seriously, I mean it.

Look folks, if you’ve listened to any of their coverage since they basically shut down and sent everyone to home to do their “hits” from their homes it’s obvious they have neither any money or talent when it comes setting such up.

Specifically, they can’t afford decent microphones, nor to have their “talent” choose places to do the hits from that have some resemblance of decent acoustics.

The audio quality is awful to the point of being hideous. I’ve literally had to turn it off.

Listen to some of my podcasts. That’s not using a supremely-expensive setup. I have lapel audio setups, including RF ones, that are of equivalent quality but are a bit more of a pain to use if you’re doing a audio/video link. But I’d never dream of doing a TV-quality hit with the garbage that these cast members are using.

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