California Heads Toward Disaster with Yet Another Rent Control Ballot Measure

by Bradley Thomas

The state of California is in danger of exacerbating its affordable housing shortage.

According to this Sacramento Bee article, “California voters will get the chance to consider a statewide rent control initiative on the November ballot, just two years after they soundly rejected a similar initiative.”

A citizen-initiated petition garnered nearly 1 million signatures to place the measure on the ballot this fall.

Such a measure is the last thing that California, already suffering from an extreme housing shortage, needs. Some estimates say the state already faces a 3.5 million–unit housing deficit, according to the Bee article.

The initiative that is up for a vote in November would allow local governments greater authority to limit rent increases by landlords, largely reversing a 25-year-old state law that places restrictions on local governments’ ability to impose rent control.

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