As Trump Wins Praise for Effective Coronavirus Response, Blue Cities Do Opposite, Threatening Its Spread it Through Homelessness

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

President Trump has rightly won praise from medical professionals and public health officials for taking tough action, even against leftist criticism, for effectively protecting the U.S. from the ravages of the coronavirus.

Nations that didn’t do that, such as China itself — which hid the crisis, enabling its spread; South Korea — which kowtowed to China; and possibly Japan and Italy, are now reaping severe consequences. Thomas Lifson wrote about the left’s criticism here, and I wrote about Trump’s sharp recognition of a threat when he sees one here.

As the left continues to heap criticism on Trump, with various claims of “chaos,” along with howls about a prayer before a task force meeting, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t the guys you’d want running anything in a time of crisis.

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