America is Now the Covid-19 Epicenter: The U.S. Just Had 17,224 Newly Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in a Single Day

[Ed. Note: Be careful about getting information from people who post NOTHING BUT disaster porn. I’ll continue to post everything across the spectrum, and I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to believe whatever you want to believe.]

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

As I write this article, headlines all over the globe are announcing the fact that the United States now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than anybody else in the world. Two weeks ago anyone that would have predicted that the U.S. would be the world leader in confirmed cases by the end of the month would have been relentlessly mocked, but now it has actually happened, and experts are warning that the worst is yet to come. On Thursday, 17,224 newly confirmed cases were added to the rapidly growing U.S. total. If you can believe it, only six other countries have had more than 17,000 total confirmed cases over the course of this entire pandemic. So the explosion of cases that we are witnessing in the U.S. right now is exceedingly alarming.

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