Again Fauci Lies @RealDonaldTrump

by Karl Denninger

Fauci just lied again at the lectern — in the middle of admitting that the virus is likely to re-emerge this fall.

Which is exactly what I pointed out in my podcast this morning. You know, the sober and truthful assessment of this virus?

The problem with what we’ve done is that it delays, but do not stop, transmission.

It basically pauses the exponential process by suppression — but slamming the door on it for a while does not stop it. Fauci then admits that it’s likely to re-emerge in the fall — unless his models for 100,000 dead people are wrong and it probably is, as I’ve pointed out, because I suspect we are not where we think we are in the exponential curve.

Will the people put up with this one destruction of our economy? Maybe.

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