Why the Greens Love the Coronavirus

by William R. Hawkins
American Thinker

Wall Street’s two-day panic which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average drop 1,911 points (6.8 percent) was sparked by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. It is not just that the virus is spreading to lands far beyond its origin in China, but that the full impact in China has not yet been felt. A lengthy article from state media China Daily predicted that the disruption may last beyond the first quarter and notes “industrial production has been negatively affected to varying degrees in terms of labor, orders, inventory, production and transportation.” Because lax policy in the U.S. and elsewhere has allowed China to become the hub of multilateral supply-chains in so many sectors, often on a single-source basis, the disruption is threatening a global slowdown that will affect far more people than the virus.

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