Time for Classless, Clueless Pelosi to Go

by Walter E. Blessey, Jr.
American Thinker

For nearly ninety minutes, Americans of all races, ages, ethnicities, and occupations listened to President Trump highlight specific achievements of his first three years in office during his State of the Union address. For nearly ninety minutes, those same Americans watched Speaker Pelosi sit in her chair on the dais, refusing to stand up, refusing to applaud, playing nervously with her dentures, shuffling the speech copy back and forth like she was confused reading a Waffle House menu, while obstinately making faces at her caucus when President Trump spoke. And to top it off, when President Trump closed out his SOTU 2020 speech claiming that American excellence is back; that America is strong once again; she tore up the speech copy like my 4 year-old grandson after he is told he cannot watch another cartoon.

She is classless. She is unworthy and undeserving of the title The Speaker of the House of Representatives. The people of Northern California who elected her should be ashamed. The Congress should censure such classless actions.

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