This is What Happened When I Died

from Avi Yemini

On the eve of valentine’s day, my heart suddenly stopped, and I died for a full five minutes. I’m only here today, to share the full story of what happened because my partner, my lover and my hero performed life-saving CPR that brought me back to life.

Two weeks ago, I came home from the gym, as I do every day. I was feeling a little off but nothing major.

I cooked some lunch, a couple of steaks and salad. My partner’s friend was there and joked “that’s a heart attack on a plate” when she’d seen the two steaks I was about to BBQ. Oblivious to what was about to follow.

BTW the steaks had nothing to do with my cardiac arrest before all you vegans get excited and tell us “soy saves lives”.

I just thought it was funny she made that comment shortly before I died of essentially, a heart attack.

After I ate, I went to lay down for a bit and asked my partner Rhonda to wake me at three o’clock so I can go to work. My cameraman was meeting me in a Melbourne suburb for my next story.

The next thing I knew is I woke up in the hospital with tubes running out of my mouth and a catheter full of urine.

I know most people want to see if I’m okay, which I am, I’m on the mend. The truth is, Rhonda is one that lived through the scariness of what happened, not me. In this video, she’s going to share it with us all.

For obvious reasons, I’ve hid her face.

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