The Trump Show – Ep. 531

from Peter Schiff

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump ends with no real surprise, he was acquitted. The whole thing came down along party lines and was all calculated political theater and posturing for the 2020 election.

But the real theater was during Trump’s State of the Union last night. Trump pitched socialist policies and touted his fake Chinese trade deal. He spoke to Congress for 90 minutes and not once mentioned the national debt. Since Trump took office, trade deficits have increased and manufacturing jobs have decreased. More women are forced to join the workforce due to economic circumstances at home.

If the economy were as good as Trump claims, he’d be calling on congress to cut spending or balance the budget or reduce the size of budget deficits. If you can’t tackle the debt when the economy is in the greatest boom in the history of the world, when can you tackle it? Trump apparently can’t find one program or agency to cut spending on. Instead he just bragged about all the social programs and weapons he was spending money on, not to mention Space Force!

Trump is playing a massive PR game right now.

Rush Limbaugh has cancer.

Liberals are sick.

Pete Budajudge wins the Iowa Caucus disaster.

Sanders wants to give new “Rights” to the disabled.

Markets have recouped from their recent “coronavirus sell-off.”

Ford Motor Company earnings disappoint investors.

GM is still trading where it was 7 years ago.

Tesla is a bubble in itself.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 531
Recorded February 5th 2020

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