The Global Economy Was Sinking Long Before the Coronavirus Appeared

by Brandon Smith

In order to determine if a geopolitical or economic threat is legitimate, I find it helps to watch how the mainstream propaganda narrative flows and changes. For example, for the past year as almost every fundamental indicator was flashing warning signs on the global economy the primary message in the mainstream was that central banks would never allow any major shocks to the financial system. In other words, they would pour in cash at the slightest hint of trouble. The conclusion for the investment world? To “buy the F’ing dip!” Why not? You can’t lose.

Despite the fact that fraudulent stock markets artificially inflated by corporate stock buybacks are irrelevant to the health of our system, they still represent a psychological placebo for the masses. Very few people care that it is a historic bubble; as long as everything is in the green they assume that all is well with the economy.

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