The Eternal Relationship Between Gold and Global Crisis

by Brandon Smith
Birch Gold Group

Though it is often referred to by critics and elitist central bankers as a “barbaric relic”, there is no denying that gold is usually the go-to asset during times of crisis and uncertainty. And as much as they pretend to hate it, even the elites secretly stock the precious metal whenever the economy goes awry. In fact, you can almost predict when things will go bad simply by watching how much gold that central banks around the globe stockpile in a particular year.

As noted in my last article, the banking establishment is often privy to impending disasters, usually because they directly participate in creating them. This is why they always seem to know when to prepare and hedge their assets to weather the storm. Gold is the hedge of choice because it is tangible, naturally rare, and cannot be artificially recreated or cloned. Governments and banks always seek to hoard gold when instability erupts because it not only shields there assets from decline, but it also shields their position of power.

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