That Baggage in Bernie’s Closet is Bulging the Closet Door

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Bernie Sanders, who demonstrated his appeal to Latino voters in Nevada by winning 53% of their votes, seems impervious to any critical examination of his actual record.

But it turns out his political closet is bulging with anti-Latino secrets — not the Castro kind, but the kind that might just vaporize his support as word gets out.

Here’s Tucker Carlson with just a whiff of what’s brewing:

[…] Carlson points out that Sanders was against illegal immigration before he was for it and essentially understood that helping the working class here might just mean not importing competition from abroad to drive their wages down. An illegal alien from Honduras, for instance, often consents to earning starvation wages and living in a room with 12 other people in some place like Lancaster, Calif., simply because his dollars earned can be converted to a princely living when sent back home. The effect on the American workers? Wages driven downward to compete with the illegally present new entrants. Too bad about those guys.

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