Pelosi Took Out Biden

by Karl Denninger

I’m impressed.

The drunk cray-cray from Californicated trashed their own front-runner by impeaching Trump.

Then the DNC had a “reporting problem” with the caucus results, and sat on them. Why? Good question. Was the real reason that Sanders blew everyone out of the water and they’re scared to death to report that, so they’re trying to figure out how to hose him?

Want to take a bet on the nut-less nature of said Democrats when the DNC hoses Bernie?

Note that I didn’t say “if”; that they’re terrified of him winning is obvious. He’d be torn to pieces in the general, but that’s ok — the radical left has basically taken over the Democrats — they’ve done nothing about it for the last several years, so why would anyone not expect that to reflect straight into their primary process? Of course it will and now it is.

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