Nancy’s Fake Fire Alarm

by A. Welderson
American Thinker

A common experience in public schools is when some smart aleck decides to waste everyone’s time by pulling the fire alarm. The people in charge have to take it seriously. There’d be hell to pay if there was a fire and it was ignored. So, everybody has to file outside, usually in the rain or cold. Then the teachers have to check the whole school before the business of learning can resume. Or as close to learning as can be achieved in public schools these days.

Since October, that’s what’s been going on in Washington. Nancy Pelosi decided it would be fun to pull the impeachment fire alarm. We’ve all been standing outside in the cold since, with the Democrats giggling at all the trouble they caused and how cool they are.

As more than a few have pointed out, the Democrats seem strangely scared of democracy lately.

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