John Roque: The Trend Tells Me that Gold is Going to Make a New All-Time High

from Palisade Radio

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John feels that the long base that has been built for gold is a key reason why it will soon reach all-time highs. The next leg up should follow another consolidation period. Markets have fundamentally changed as a result of algorithmic trading, and many traditional indicators seem less effective today. Investors need to focus on the trend and their trading thesis. Work on your core strengths and try to avoid second-guessing.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Why this gold base is so important.
3:30 – The utility of indicators is in decline.
6:00 – Investors shouldn’t try to compete with the S&P
9:00 – Risks of second-guessing decisions.
11:15 – Stick with what your good at doing.
12:40 – Expectations for 2020.

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