It’s Over for the Democrats

by Karl Denninger

Oh my, New Hampshire.

As I pointed out to my late parents a number of years ago The Democrat Party they were aligned with since my youth no longer exists and has become an existential threat to the nation.

My late father and I had a number of “spirited” debates, including his staunch support of policies that included financially raping people, specifically through the medical monopolists. He strongly supported being able to “get what was his” when it came to Medicare, even though he was a CPA and knew damn well what the math looked like when it came to the spending growth rates. He also knew it was all a scam too; as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, and he was well aware of, while it is true there are more old people today over the last 25 or so years that number has increased by 30% while Medicare and Medicaid spending has gone up by a factor of FIVE.

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