If Anything is Allowed to Fail, Everything Fails | John Rubino

from Reluctant Preppers

Despite trade wars, dreadful economic indicators, and epidemic containment shutting down China’s manufacturing, stock markets keep hitting record highs, deliriously counting on the Fed and world central banks to keep drowning any real problems that pop up with a flood of debt-fueled cash. Businesses, retirement funds, and investors are starting to believe that, “All news is ‘Good News’ now.“

Soberly translated, the central banks’ actions reveal that things have become so distorted, so interconnected, and so poised on a knife’s edge, that, “Nothing fails until the currency fails – and then everything fails.”

John Rubino, founder of DollarCollapse.com, returns to Finance and Liberty / Reluctant Preppers to give us a stark look (with rose-colored glasses removed) of the true state of affairs we are in, and a few pointed tips for how to make it through this intact!

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