I Love How Desperate Facebook is Right Now

from Avi Yemini

Massive news: Facebook finally realises free speech is better than censorship.

Wow. I guess we’re all getting our pages back now!

Not so fast, within 24 hours of that making world news. Scott Moerland received a 30-day ban, for sharing a video of mine that was going viral, on Facebook.

The video itself Facebook deemed okay; it’s still up there with over half a million views. So, writing the words, “I’m glad he’s on our side” must have been the bannable offence.

Facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/australianli…

I don’t know what Zuckerberg’s motive is for saying Facebook’s done with censorship. Maybe it’s because Facebook reported it’s slowest-ever revenue growth and he realises that censorship will ultimately kill them, or possibly because he’s becoming more conservative. If you watch the full interview, that seems plausible too.

However, I doubt even Zuckerberg has the power to control the army of SJW’s that his company hired as moderators. Whether he likes it or not, I predict censorship will continue until Facebook collapses entirely.

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