Gregory Zuckerman: During Periods of Crisis & Financial Turmoil, Gold Has Always Done Very Well

from Palisade Radio

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Gregory discusses how he was able to combine his love for writing together with his fascination for business. That career path has led him through twenty years with The Wall Street Journal and led him to write several books on investors and investing. His books “The Greatest Trade Ever” and his latest, “The Man Who Solved the Markets” bring in-depth insight into how outsiders sometimes massively outperform the experts.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Highlights from his career and journalism.
2:00 – Story about John Paulson, outsiders and the credit crisis.
4:10 – Valuing gold and times of crisis.
5:20 – Quants and Jim Simons pioneering outperformance.
7:20 – Risks of relying on intuition instead of models.

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