Depressed Democrat Turnout: The Iowa Story That Matters

by Fletch Daniels
American Thinker

While the most entertaining story of the Iowa caucuses was either the utter chaos and incompetence that unfolded or the sinister machinations of the Democrat party, depending on your take on the events, the more important story is getting far less attention.

When given the first opportunity to turn out and vote for a candidate to oppose President Donald Trump, Democrats largely shrugged and said, “Meh.” Turnout was down almost 30% from 2008.

This is by far the most important story out of this primary, which is why it will be largely blacked out by the media.

While Barack Obama was not on the ballot, Democrats clearly expected a greater show of voter force when they were given the chance to do something other than howl their Trump derangement rage at the moon.

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