Dave Kranzler: Coronavirus Cover Story for Global Economic Depression, Physical Market Driving Gold

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There’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate that the US and global economies were slowing down markedly before the Wuhan Coronavirus hit, but now it will be used as the cover story for the coming global economic depression, Dave says. All the while, the US stock market has reversed its Friday losses, and some individual stocks, such as Tesla, are going vertically parabolic.

How can we make sense of what’s going on in the markets and economy right now?

Dave Kranzler joins Silver Doctors today to do just that.

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include:

– What in the world is going on with the stock market, and how is it possible to short this market without getting squeezed?

– How is the US economy actually doing, and is it “booming”?

– What does Dave think about the Wuhan Coronavirus?

– What is Dave’s outlook for gold & silver?

– What are we to make of the trade deals?

– What’s on Dave’s radar right now?

Spoiler Alert: Dave says physical demand is driving the gold market right now!

For discussion on all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune- in to today’s interview, recorded a 1:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020.

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