All Time Lows & Loss of Control


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Thanks to the Fed’s “not” QE buying of short-term treasuries that began on August 21, 2019, the Fed’s key recession indicator, 3-month treasury yields vs 10-year treasury yields, were forcefully pushed out of inversion on October 11, 2019. But it didn’t last.
Why? Because of the possible impact of the coronavirus on the global economy. But frankly, it runs much deeper than that. This retest of inversions that began on December 4, 2018 are telling us that the Fed is losing control as are all central bankers.
What happens when an abuser begins to lose control? They attempt to grab even more control. Central bankers are no different and their traditional tools no longer work, which forces even greater experimentation, in an attempt to remain in control. Good thing there is a leader in fiscal experimentation…Japan.
What about gold? Spot gold in terms of Japanese Yen just concluded a major cup formation (key accumulation pattern) that began in March 1980! The next step would be the 203,368.4 billion yen all time top established in January 1980. At this writing, with spot gold at 171,703.5 billion yen and the BOJ committed to printing the yen into oblivion can a new spot gold high be far off?


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