When Will the Central Banks Wings Fall Off?


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Can the markets keep flying? Yes, as long as central banks keep providing liquidity and the way they do that, is by creating debt.
In the US, between January and December 2019, deficit spending (spending more than income) grew 17.1% from the same period in 2018, which, in itself, had grown 28.2% from 2017.
Globally, the debt-to-GDP ratio exploded to historic highs of 322%, with debt surging in every sector; government, corporate and individual. What would happen to you if your surging debt could not be funded by current income?
Central bank gold accumulation has escalated again, growing by 11% YOY (Year Over Year). Considering that 2018 saw the greatest global central bank gold buying in history, what can we conclude? Perhaps that central bank fiat money has already lost all value.
Officially the USD is at $0.0389 and central banks, supposedly unable to hit their 2% inflation target, are willing to let inflation run above current targets. I believe they’re preparing for the inevitable final wealth destruction. They know that gold money holds value and fiat money does not. They’re getting prepared, are you?


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