We Fix This, Now, or the Nation Dies

by Karl Denninger

Every year I go through my old files and select a very old one to shred the old paperwork and re-use the Pendaflex, since there’s no reason for me to keep stuff that’s aged off beyond where I could possibly need it.

In doing so today I found something you’ll like.

[…] Note that this is two month’s coverage for one adult and one kid. Also note the dates — just before Obama was elected.

That’s $3,200 for a full year’s insurance coverage for two people.

I’ll note that this is quite a bit higher than what it was when I was running MCSNet for a single person, and not a little either. In fact this bill had already risen ~50%+ from when I first started purchasing it on my own after selling the company! I probably don’t have any of that paperwork since it wasn’t legally mine once I sold the firm and, unlike many, I didn’t cheat and keep things I wasn’t entitled to have.

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