Two Things Needed for Cryptocurrency Domination! Hartej Sawhney Discusses the Fight for Privacy

from Crush The Street

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Hartej Sawhney of cutting-edge company Zokyo is with us as we look at the latest news, innovations and updates within the cryptocurrency sector.
We learn about the importance of cyber security and what could happen if criminals obtain a small piece of your information, as we delve into the realm of white-hat hackers and their never-ending work to preserve our safety online.
With Bitcoin moving higher, Hartej Sawhney looks at the underlying importance of cryptocurrencies and what they need to succeed as well as what key areas they can work well in.

04:35 Ethical hackers staying one step ahead
09:15 The worst things that can be done with your personal information
16:25 Two things needed cryptocurrency adoption
22:35 Privacy, price and the road to enterprise adoption of money 2.0
26:35 Government surveillance and free market capitalism