Tick… Tick… Tick – The Stench of Epstein Closing in on Bill Clinton

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Much of the fallout of the Jeffrey Epstein “pedophilia among the powerful” scandal has fallen onto Prince Andrew of the U.K., an insignificant second son of Queen Elizabeth II. The pervert’s suicide, though, and the increasingly suspicion-arousing circumstances, point to much more important people. As I’ve argued before, the media scrum around Andrew seemed to be an attempt to deflect attention from more powerful players involved with Epstein as the story burns out and the public loses interest.

Beneficiary number one remains Bill Clinton, whose associations with Epstein are pretty astonishing. He’s been listed on the flight logs of more than two dozen Epstein “Lolita Express” flights. He’s been a regular at Epstein’s “cowboy village” in New Mexico with its group showers, which, based on the word of maintenance staff, seemed to be all about perversion out of the public eye. He’s been seen with all those candy-stripers.

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