Silver Will Become More Volatile, Stay Tooned!

by J. Johnson

Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,

Struggle as they may, precious metals are here to stay. Why? Because money is not earned by the banks, they simply print it to keep control of everything (for now) with Gold being held in check after yesterday’s little wake up with the trade at $1,567.30, down $1.60 after being knocked down to $1,557.00 with the high so far at $1,572.70. Silver is doing the same, held in place by the Papier-mâché of the markets with its price at $18.115, down 6.4 cents and recovering from the low at $17.975 with the high at $18.255. The US Dollar’s trade now sits at 96.475, up 12.5 points and right by the high at 96.520 with the low at 96.310. Of course, all of this was done while we slept, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still no impeachment papers by Nancy.

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