Shooting Down the Narrative | The Michael Knowles Show (Ep. 481)

from The Daily Wire

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Yesterday, white supremacist Hitler-loving neo-Nazis wearing Make America Great Again hats and toting fully semi-automatic double-barreled AR-47 assault rifles descended on the Virginia statehouse to take over the government and establish a Prussian ethnostate in the fevered imagination of the mainstream media. In reality, law-abiding gun owners of all colors and backgrounds showed up on Lobby Day to defend their constitutionally protected civil rights, and there was no violence whatsoever, and they cleaned up after themselves when they left. We will examine how Virginia gun owners shot down the leftist narrative on our Second Amendment rights. Then, AOC has the dumbest conversation I’ve ever heard with leftist journalist Ta Nehisi Coates, Trump’s impeachment trial kicks off, and some great news for the pro-life cause ahead of the March for Life.

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