San Francisco, Solid Blue City of – Empty Storefronts and Missing Young People

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

San Francisco is getting to be a hellhole and not just because crooks are having a field day, or a vast homeless army has prompted new tech ‘innovations’ in poop-map apps.

It’s actually becoming a city with a hollowed out look, redolent of some place like Steubenville, Ohio or maybe Utica, New York, during the bad years, empty storefronts and missing young people. So much for the trope that leftwing cities, with their walkable boulevards full of food trucks, handmade crafts, knitting shops, bookstores, artisan cheese shops, gourmet restaurants, and cafes are more lively and liveable than rightwing places. For awhile, that did seem to be the story. But it’s coming to an end. Sure, there’s vast wealth. But despite California being in an economic boom, the place is starting to look like Venezuela.

The U.K. Guardian of all places has a haunting report:

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