Rescuing the History of World War II : Wear vs. Suvorov

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The fourth chapter of John Wear’s book, Germany’s War is now posted. The evidence is overwhelming that it was Roosevelt and Churchill who were determined to have war with Germany and not Germany who wanted war with the Anglo-Saxons.

Hitler made many peace overtures to the British government both before and after he conquered France and drove the British out of Europe. On August 14, 1940, during the Battle of Britain, Hitler called his field marshalls into the Chancellery and told them that victory over Britain must not lead to the collapse of the British Empire. Hitler told them that “Germay is not striving to smash Britain because the beneficiaries will not be Germany, but Japan in the east, Russia in India, Italy in the Mediterranean, and America in world trade. This is why peace is possible with Britain—but not so long as Churchill is prime minister. Thus we must see what the Luftwaffe can do, and wait a possible general election.”

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