Question for Justice Roberts: Were President Trump’s Procedural Due Process Rights Violated?

by Arnold Cusmariu
American Thinker

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was asked an eminently sensible question last night in front of TV cameras:

The president has suggested that you should just move to dismiss. You clearly want to get this over sooner rather than later. Why not push to try and get this dismissed?

An uncomfortable-looking McConnell said, “Yeah, yeah,” after talking over the reporter several times, leaving him with this:

There is little or no sentiment in Republican conference for a motion to dismiss. Our members feel that we have an obligation to listen to the arguments and we’ve laid out in this resolution an opportunity for everybody to sit there; remember senators can’t say anything, so we’ll have to sit there and listen, to listen carefully to the arguments by both the prosecution and the defense, to follow that up with written questions, uh, submitted through the chief justice and that means listening to the case, not dismissing the case.

So now we know that House speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed forwarding the articles of impeachment to the Senate to avoid having them dismissed out of hand for the sham that they are —w hich anyone over the age of ten can see is the case. Mission accomplished!

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