New Indicators Prove Democrats Lying About Economy, Points to Trump 2020 Landslide

from Tim Pool

New Indicators PROVE Democrats Lying About Economy, Points To Trump 2020 Landslide. Probably because economics predicts elections the 2020 Democratic candidates are claiming that the economy is actually really bad.

But no one is buying it anymore

Shortly after the December Democratic Debates CNN ran a poll show 76% of people believe the economy is doing really well and this includes a majority of Democrat voters.

But now there is a new indicator showing just how good things really are. Taco Bell announces it will start paying a six figure salary to managers and offering all employees paid benefits.

Many of the the things the left demanded through regulation is happening naturally through market economics.

Wages are up, unemployment is way down, benefits are being given, and some stores even play with a 4 day work week.

It seems like many of the things the far left and leftists wanted are actually being done under Trump.


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