Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review & 2019 Wrap Up

from Financial Survival Network

The Mercenary Geologist, Mickey Fulp returns… US Stock Markets posted a banner year finishing December with NASDAQ up 3.6% in December and 35% for the year. Foreign markets followed suit but were up by much less. Dollar was down for December but pretty much flat for the year. Same with the Euro, showing a small decline of 2.2% on the year. Interest rates on the 10 year were down by 29%. Bitcoin, the big winner was up nearly 94%. Gold and Silver were up for the month and finished 18% and 15% respectively. Platinum broke out of its triple bottom finishing the year ahead 21.4%. Palladium was the big winner for the metals finishing up 53.5% in 19. Copper finished they year 2.7% in the black. WTI and Brent turned bullish finishing up over 40%. Natgas was a loser yet again finishing out the year with a 25.5% loss. Uranium finished in the red by 13%.Ratios are looking interesting with Au:Ag at 85, Pt:AU .65, Pt:Pd .5, BRT:WTI 1.12, WTI:HH 27.88 and AU:WTI 24.86. What a year. Look for a breakout in gold during Q1. Some type of bounce for Natgas/HH could come with colder weather in the Northeast. That’s it for 2019. Onwards and upwards for 2020!

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