Maximizing Wealth Creation through Discovery with Ivan Bebek of Auryn Resources


Auryn Resources’ Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek, while only in his young 40’s, is not a rookie when it comes to creating massive wealth for shareholders through mineral discovery. Ivan’s previous two companies Keegan Resources (over 18x return) and Cayden Resources (over 5x return) both saw significant discoveries which resulted in a lucrative buyouts. Now Ivan and his team at Auryn Resources are building upon their prior successes to pursue even bigger potential world-class discoveries which they are on the verge of drilling.

In this interview, Ivan talks about why and how he and his team pursue value-creation through discovery. As he shares, “I’ve always erred on the side of an earlier-stage project because you get paid as an investor for finding something more often than for having something. If you have a substantial asset, the general market picks up, you’re going to do well. But if you make a new discovery like we did in Keegan, where we found 5 million ounces of gold from zero, the stock went from 49 cents to $9 per share, you’re going to get rich. So I’ve got a pretty serious, unhealthy appetite, I describe, for really big exploration projects that have really big swings. Because that’s, the return that gets us all excited here in our office.”

Auryn Resources is a technically-driven, well-financed junior exploration company focused on finding and advancing globally significant precious and base metal deposits. Auryn’s technical and management teams have an impressive track record of successfully monetizing assets for all stakeholders and local communities in which it operates. Auryn conducts itself to the highest standards of corporate governance and sustainability.

0:15 Introduction
1:35 Testimony of how Cayden Resources in 2014 saved a speculator’s portfolio
3:15 How Ivan maximizes wealth creation for shareholders
5:32 Courageously and effectively sharing the speculative opportunity is key to value creation
6:54 What’s more important…the money or the metal?
8:49 Handling criticism
15:43 Responding to Ross Beaty’s endorsement of Ivan and Auryn
18:47 Significance of Sombrero project’s age-dating confirmation
23:52 Auryn raises CAD$10M from core investors
26:58 Discussing the short position on Auryn

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