Leftist Celebrity Seeks Nigerian Citizenship to Flee Donald Trump’s Policies Amid Iran Tensions

from Tim Pool

Leftist Celebrity Seeks Nigerian Citizenship To Flee Donald Trump’s Policies Amid Iran Tensions. Cardi B says she is seeking Nigerian Citizenship amid the tensions between the US and Iran. Of course it was probably tongue in cheek its another statement in a long line of faux woke celebrities claiming they would flee the country in the event Trump got elected in 2016 and of course they never did.

Currently people like Michael Moore are preaching about their progressive bona fides when in reality he is just pitching his podcast.

Teen Vogue which is heralded as a bastion of democratic socialism ran a paid editorial spot on behalf of Facebook touting how they ensure election integrity.

it seems like these woke socialists become unrepentant capitalists as soon as the money is good. In reality they were always self serving egoists who want nothing more than personal power.

Woke celebrity activism is as fake as their plastic bodies.
Most people don’t even know where Iran, most people are not paying attention to the news, and these fake far left activists are just exploiting our good will in exchange for cold hard cash.

At least we have Ricky Gervais to dish out criticism to the fake activism of the super wealthy.


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