Impeachment Can’t Compete with a Bull Market

by Rick Ackerman

If the farce of impeachment has had an impact on the stock market, it appears to have steepened the bull’s ascent. A fact not lost on investors is that Trump’s reelection odds have probably gone up as a result of the Democrats’ ill-conceived, relentless attempts to sink him. Pundits still talk as though the 2020 election will be close, but as things stand, a pro-Trump landslide appears more likely. Biden’s own Ukraine-related transgressions are far more serious than anything Trump is alleged to have done, and only voters terminally afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome could fail to see this.

As for the competition, does anyone actually believe a Socialist who lives for the chance to swing a wrecking ball at the U.S. economy, could get elected with unemployment running at 3.5% and the stock market hitting record highs? Hillary and Mike Bloomberg are waiting in the wings and probably have a better chance of unseating Trump, but not much. The latter, a white billionaire, will have more than a little difficulty getting nominated at a convention controlled by the Democratic Party’s ultra-left wing. As for Clinton, she is as disingenuous, corrupt and unlikeable as ever, and only a hack editorialist at the New York Times or some idiot pollster could think she has a chance of regaining the White House.

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