How Scalia Botched Heller and Let the Left Undermine the Second Amendment

by Michael Filozof
American Thinker

Twelve years after the Supreme Court ruled that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right “unconnected with service in a militia,” the Second Amendment is in worse shape than ever. New York; California; Massachusetts; Connecticut; and Washington, D.C., with a combined population of 70 million, have outlawed the sale of most semi-automatic rifles and all gun magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds to the public. Colorado, New Jersey, Vermont, Maryland, and Hawaii also have restrictions on magazine capacity. Seventeen states have so-called “red flag” laws, allowing the summary confiscation of a person’s firearms on hearsay, even if that individual has not been charged with a crime. A number of states have banned the sale of firearms between private parties, and New York and California prohibit the sale of ammunition without a government background check and registration of the purchase with the police.

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