Doing the Impossible

How to successfully engage your spouse/friends/co-workers on the topics that most concern you

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

Looming government insolvency. Ecosystem collapse. Our complete dependence on depleting fossil fuels. Overpopulation. The accelerating wealth gap between the 1% and everyone else. The folly of pursuing exponential growth on a finite planet.

How many of you are concerned about the above?

Now, when trying to engage folks on these topics, especially those people you care about — spouses, partners, friends, family, co-workers — how often has it ended in epic failure?

Each of these topics often seem impossible to talk about. Too many people find them too triggering.

When that happens, emotions get inflamed. The defensive force fields go up. Once that happens, nothing we say, no data we offer, can penetrate.

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