Did We Just Hear Three Democratic Candidates Talk About Reducing Deficit and Debt?

What is this, 2008?

by Matt Welch

Most moments in Democratic presidential debates this cycle can be classified in one of three ways: 1) Let’s raise all the taxes! 2) Let’s spend all the money! Or 3) Let’s squabble endlessly over the dreamy-time details of the tax/spending increases on Medicare for All. That, and whatever stupid slap fights the moderators want to egg on.

So color me flabbergasted that not one but two of the six candidates on stage tonight, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.) and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said—out loud, even—that they intend to reduce the deficit. Klobuchar, who used to make noises about deficit hawkery back when George W. Bush was president, went first, asking viewers to check out her plan online. And here it is!

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