Democrats Accidentally Proved Trump is Innocent with Leaked Audio Tape, Impeachment Collapsing

from Tim Pool

Democrats Accidentally Proved Trump Is INNOCENT With LEAKED Audio Tape, Impeachment Collapsing. As the impeachment trial for Donald Trump drones on with no new information the Democrats allies in media seemed to have made a tactical error in bringing on Lev Parnas to give his account of what was going on with Trump in Ukraine.

In a recent interview with Rachel Maddow Parnas claimed that Trump ordered the firing of Ambassador Yovanovitch, the only problem? This dinner was in April 2018, a full year before Joe Biden would ever announce he was running for office.

We now have direct confirmation of that meeting with leaked audio tapes that not only prove Trump’s Ukraine actions had absolutely nothing to do with Biden but that the real reason for firing Yovanovitch was that she was bad mouthing him to officials in Ukraine and undermining his foreign policy.

Democrats like Adam Schiff keep asserting without evidence that Trump was trying to dig up dirt on joe Biden, but now we know that timeline makes absolutely no sense as Biden hadn’t even announced his plan for the presidency yet. To argue that Trump was predicting the future would be an absurd leap and an attempt at mind reading.

The simple solution is that once again Democrats are wrong and impeachment is collapsing in front of our eyes.


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