Asleep at the Wheel

by Anna L. Stark
American Thinker

Nancy Pelosi is a smart woman, or so we’ve been told. Shrewd, calculating, and ruthless are words also used to describe the current Speaker of the House. But for those of us paying attention, it’s become apparent she’s asleep at wheel. Consumed by the impeachment scam, hoping to damage the Trump brand beyond all repair; since beating him at the ballot box in November will be a near to impossible task, Pelosi is either ignoring the chaos brewing in her own party or she simply doesn’t care. There’s a perfect storm bearing down on the Democrats not limited to a growing contingent of unrelenting Bernie Sanders supporters, the Social Justice political action group’s recent auditions for congressional House seats, and the likelihood that Hillary Clinton will enter the 2020 Presidential race, exploiting a very weak slate of potential nominees.

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