AB5 and Insanity

by Karl Denninger

The screaming coming from people on Californicated’s AB5 is hilariously funny. Here’s one example:

For better or worse, you will very likely be reading a lot less of me on Mediaite.com in 2020.


Of course, it is difficult to overstate the irony of a progressive Democrat creating a law which, as one tiny impact of thousands, will help mute a strong, national, anti-Trump voice in what will likely be a very close election year. In fact, it is hard to think of anything which better encapsulates the ridiculousness of what California’s one-party progressive rule has routinely triggered than this entire fiasco (Gonzalez, who represents an overwhelming Democratic district along the border, has zero fear of being ousted at the ballot box over this outrage she has created).

Yep, the answer to Democrat insanity is…… not to get rid of them all?

Naw, the answer is to whine that the law “muted” a strong, national anti-Trump voice.

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