Trump Throws Tantrum, Blasts “Two-Faced” Canada, Leaves NATO Summit

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

After calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two faced”, Trump stormed out of NATO summit.

Trump stormed out of a NATO summit after he or one of his aides overheard Trudeau complaining Trump was late for the summit because he gave a 40-minute press conference.

Please consider Trump Leaves NATO Summit After Video Flap

President Trump called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two faced” after a video emerged of a group of NATO leaders discussing the U.S. leader without him present, rattling a summit to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance.

The video, which was taken at a reception at Buckingham Palace Tuesday evening, captures U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking President Emmanuel Macron of France why he was late to the reception. Mr. Macron had come from a meeting with Mr. Trump who earlier in the day had held impromptu news conferences on the margins of his bilateral meetings with the Canadian and French leaders.

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