This is a Very Dark Day in American History

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

The Democrats got what they wanted, but in the process they have created deep political fissures that will never heal. Now that President Trump has been impeached by the House, he will eventually be acquitted by the Senate, and so his political career will survive. But far more importantly, it has gotten to the point where nobody can no longer deny that America is at war with itself. The left hates Donald Trump and his supporters with an intense, passionate, visceral hatred, and Trump and his supporters feel the same way about the left. After this, nobody is going to be able to unite this country. Instead, we are headed for a future of anger, frustration, desperate acts and civil conflict. The mainstream media and many of our top political leaders have been stirring the pot for years, and the stage is set for an unprecedented explosion of animosity as we approach the upcoming election next November.

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