The Reality of Crises

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Martin- I am a recent new member and just finished reading the REPO Crisis Report. As an individual, not an institution, it was a steep price but well worth it. Thank you. My question is this…..what the hell does everyone expect to happen? Here is a short list of everything we know to be corrupt on this planet (you correctly encourage us to think globally): Central bankers, politicians, financial markets, the commodities markets, fiat currencies, the insurance industry, the healthcare industry, automobile loans, mortgages, credit card industry, the education system, unions, lifelong self-serving bureaucrats, and the military industrial complex (I grew up in the US Army, son of a warrant officer during the cold war). I will repeat the question. What the hell does everyone expect to happen?? The system as we know it MUST collapse so that something new, something better, something more trustworthy, can be born. Of this, there is no doubt. It is simply a matter of when. It’s going to hurt. It’s what we deserve.

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