#SmartReads | Nelson Rockefeller & Allen Dulles: Fueling America’s Enemies

from Tragedy and Hope

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This episode features “The Witness Tree”, a novel based on declassified documents and interviews with people involved in a real-life historical saga, was authored by John Loftus and Brendan Howley in 2006.
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1. Allen Dulles https://bra.in/4jY6Z2
2. Nelson Rockefeller https://bra.in/3pKx6B
3. St. John Philby https://bra.in/7p6goQ
4. Kim Philby https://bra.in/4qzgZb
5. Double-Cross System (XX) Twenty Committee, X-2 (American Branch) https://bra.in/5jQ3xE
6. Witness Tree by John Loftus https://bra.in/9qa7mE
7. Secret Affairs by Mark Curtis https://bra.in/8jXw32
8. Paris 1919 Peace Conference https://bra.in/2q5ZXK
9. Bank for International Settlements https://bra.in/6pKx6B
10. IG Farben https://bra.in/3p6goQ
11. Standard Oil https://bra.in/7qzgZb
12. Chase Bank https://bra.in/4qa7mE
13. Fritz Thyssen https://bra.in/9jQ3xE
14. Council on Foreign Relations https://bra.in/3jXwMy
15. Union Banking Corp (Bush Family)