Rachel Maddow’s Fake News Reckoning is Finally Here Even Leftists Slam MSNBC Over Fake News and Bias

from Tim Pool

Rachel Maddow’s Fake News Reckoning is FINALLY Here Even Leftists Slam MSNBC Over FAKE NEWS And Bias. Progressives, leftists, democrats, you were taken for a ride by a swindler who just wanted to reap the benefits of the “orange man bad” narrative.

For years Rachel Maddow peddled absurd fake news about Russia and conveniently was no where in sight when the stories were ultimately proven false.

No one has been more critical of Maddow than journalist Glenn Greenwald who has never stopped in calling out the absurdity of her talking points.

But while conservatives and trump supporters completely expected her to be finally proven wrong (or to be proven wrong for the millionth time) many on the left are slamming her for pushing insane stories and also of propping up the DNC establishment.

As more progressives reap the benefits of a corrupt media system they start to sound like Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks slammed the New York Times over a smear against him, Bernie voters decry the media blackout against him, and Andrew Yang even boycotted MSNBC for a while over their bias.

Its about time left and right stood hand in hand to call our the corrupt establishment in media and the democrats that seeks to exclude true populist voices, be it on the right or the left.


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