Quantitative Easing Exposed: Discover How it Destroys a Society!

from George Gammon

Quantitative Easing ??SECRETS THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW..REVEALED! ??Quantitative easing has been sold to the general public as a panacea for all economic troubles. There’s nothing that lower interest rates and a good shot of QE or quantitative easing can’t cure, or so we’re told. But does Quantitative easing work? Or is there a possibility it’s making things worse? Has it ever occurred to the Fed that they maybe the arsonist and the fire fighter, as Jim Grant says, and quantitative easing is a fire house of gasoline?

In this video we take a deep dive into what quantitative easing is, how it works, the different types of quantitative easing and how it could be destructive to our economy and society.

It’s troubling to think that the central bankers of the world have such an unjustifiable belief in their models that to them its totally inconceivable quantitative easing and lowering interest rates might not always be a cure all. Even more bizarre is the fact that 30 years ago, the central bankers themselves, would’ve thought todays quantitative easing and zero percent interest rate policies were complete madness.

In this quantitative easing video, I’ll specifically discuss the following:

1. How quantitative easing works.
2. The different types of quantitative easing. Japan, Europe, US.
3. How quantitative easing creates massive wealth inequality and how that, in turn, will most likely result in a societal decline.

If you’re interested in quantitative easing OR what the future holds for the economy this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!

RT video with Richard Werner https://youtu.be/6pU3tw5let4

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