Proper Revenge: How Should Trump Respond to France?

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

Trump is hopping mad at France over a digital service tax. How should he respond?

Trade War Re-Erupts in London

Foreign Policy reports U.S.-Europe Trade War Re-Erupts in London

Relations between the United States and its oldest ally, France, were dealt a one-two punch Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump lambasted French President Emmanuel Macron for his “very, very nasty” comments about NATO only hours after the Trump administration threatened big tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of prestige French exports.

And as ugly as the war of words over NATO was at the summit in London, the fight over trade could go on even longer, with Trump reacting harshly to Macron’s imposition of a digital services tax that will hit big U.S. tech firms like Google and Amazon.

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