Problems Galore

…don’t think badly of yourself if you find it harder and harder. The insanity is reaching levels unexpected.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

Just a few short weeks ago, it was Thanksgiving, my favorite Holiday. We take a day to enjoy our friends and family, and say our prayers of thanks for all the good things we have. It was peaceful and for a day, no markets to fret over, no lunatic politicians to lie to us. Just a wonderful nice day.

But that certainly didn’t mean that all the ills of this world had mystically gone away, no on the contrary. They’ve gotten progressively worse.

I’m not going to dissect the IG report, other than to say that Horowitz was an Obama appointee, that just so happened to be the same guy who exonerated Hillary Clinton. After she smashed her cell phones, and after she deleted 33,000 emails, and after she cleared her hard drive with BleachBit. Of course his report says there was no bias. ( Eyeroll)

The response has been exactly what I’d expect. The left thinks everyone is exonerated, and no one did anything wrong. The right is blowing flares out of their noses, saying “Are you kidding me?!?!?!?”

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